Computer Repair Shop


We might be able to help with your computer issues!

Come in for free computering advice!

Opening Hours:

You close the door behind you as you enter a small shop, with not much in the display window aside from various signages which not only advertise services to fix computers, but also claim to offer free advice regarding all sorts of technological topics. It’s this that caught your curiosity.

The shop is narrow enough as it is, but isn’t helped with the plenty of old, and most likely broken, computers from various eras line the walls, reaching from floor to ceiling. Old catalogues and advertisements of retro hardware and software are also scattered throughout the store, with pretty much almost everything have a slight yellowish tinge…

You then hear a muffled “Hello!” from the back of the shop, though can’t immeditely see any one. A couple of seconds later, someone emerges from benieth a wide desk with a smile on their face as they greet you.

Welcome to your local computer repair shop here in Marigold Town! Here you will, hopefully, find some helpful information to not just fixing computer issues, but also preventative measures that will keep them healthy for longer, as well as general tips and advice for getting the best out of your computer! Take your time and wander about!

Looking around, you notice how to navigate this small store, with the Guides taking you to all the information available, and Tags for browsing within a specific subject. You’re just about to start investigating what the store has to offer when the store owner speaks up again…

Oh! Before I forget! I should add that, of course, all of the advice I give here is just of my opinion. You may want to follow up on what I’ve written about elsewhere, seeking another person’s opinion, or just generally chat with others and see what they think about whatever it is that’s on your mind. I don’t mind at all, I learn something new everyday researching stuff like this!

You give a small smile and an acknowledging nod, before turning to have a good look at the shop and the guides within it, wondering where to start exploring…


  • Grand Opening
  • Store Redesign
  • Guides Written

To Do:

  • Write more guides
  • Link to helpful resources
  • Tidy the shop floor